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Shandong new material enterprise targets high-end market

2017/9/21 16:54:06

New material, as one of China’s seven strategic emerging industries and one of the ten main fields of “Made in China 2025”, is an important fundamental and forerunner industry in China. The whole self-sufficiency degree of new materials is about 65 percent, while that of some individual products is even less than 10 percent.

Levima Group Co., Ltd. (Levima Group), located in Tengzhou of Zaozhuang city, is dedicated to making high performance products in the fields of advanced new materials and specialty chemicals. The company has successfully developed a deep-processing industrial chain, focusing on the conversion of enriched methanol to high value-added olefins and their derivatives. Some of its products fill the gap in certain fields and can replace imported materials, according to Zheng Yueming, president of Levima Group as well as president and chief executive officer of Levima New Material.

“Relying on new techniques and new technology, we constantly adjust our product structure to meet the demand of the high-end market; improve value chain and cultivate new growth drivers to speed up the upgrading of the industry,”Zheng said.

The company currently owns multiple sets of equipment for DMTO, EVA, PP, EO, EOD, etc. Each set of equipment applies global leading technologies. Both the production and operation have constantly maintained a leading level in the field. Its products include high-end EVA copolymers, customized PP materials, EO, EOD, etc., which are widely used in plastics, household chemicals, textiles, road and bridge construction, automobiles, leather, photovoltaic, cables, painting and other fields.

Levima New Material has developed a business layout integrating R&D, production, sales and extended technological service, which can provide rapid one-stop solution to customers based on their demands.

The company is currently the largest supplier of the principal raw material for high-end disposable meal box and largest supplier of EVA products for the domestic cable industry. A number of industrial bellwethers has become customers of Levima New Material. Its products sell well in countries and regions in Americas, Europe, Africa and Southeast Asia.

In May, Levima New Material obtained a strategic investment of 850 million yuan from Chinese Academy of Sciences Holdings Co, Ltd. Chinese Academy of Sciences boasts strong research and development as well as innovation capacity, while Levima New Material has a first-class industrial foundation, operation and management as well as technical transformation ability. The two sides’ cooperation will play a significant role in the promotion of industrial development and the local economy.

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