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This enterprise strikes a balance between economic development and environmental protection

2017/9/21 16:33:14

Speaking of paper industry, most people would label it with high energy consumption and heavy pollution. Economic development and environmental protection have been two mountains for paper industry to cross.

On September 15, a media delegation of “Seek New Development with New Engines went to Asia Symbol Paper Co., Ltd (Asia Symbol) in Rizhao, east China’s Shandong Province to cover the efforts it made in the transition from the old economic growth drivers to the new. Asia Symbol has become a benchmarking enterprise in industrial upgrading, technological progress and green development.

Firstly, the media group visited the company’s product exhibition hall, which gives a direct presentation of its environment-friendly products. Through a 3D animated short film, the media group got a better understanding of the production processes of Asia Symbol, including the cultivation of seedlings, afforestation, chipping the tree, transportation, pulping, papermaking and paper application, and the measures the company has taken for energy conservation and emission reduction, the development of circular economy and environmental protection.

In 2010, Asia Symbol initiated a project of industrial tourism with a total investment of five million yuan for more laymen to understand the technologies of pulping and paper making, and techniques of the industry in environmental protection, cleaner production and circular economy.

Then the media delegation visited the gray-water recycling project. With the advanced design and technology from Singapore, the project can recycle and reprocess an average of 40,000 cubic meters of gray water from the 1st and 3rd sewage water plants of Rizhao every day. The project helps save over ten million cubic meters of water each year which can sustain two hundred thousand households (about six hundred thousand people).

“This is the first project of urban gray-water recycled and reused in boiler and circulating cooling water in China,” said Xu Guangli, vice director of department of public affairs and corporate development of Asia Symbol, “It provides a mature and feasible solution for other enterprises to recycle and reprocess the gray water.”

As a world-leading pulping and papermaking enterprise as well as the largest overseas-funded enterprise, Asia Symbol is committed to the sustainable utilization of resources and creating better life for people.

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