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Shandong cable producer to be the pioneer in transition of growth drivers

2017/9/20 16:10:30

A delegation of both Chinese and foreign media outlets visited Shandong Yanggu Cable Co.Ltd on September 12, 2017.

Founded in 1986, Shandong Yanggu Cable Co.Ltd (Yanggu Cable) has started a new undertaking by eliminating outdated production, upgrading competitiveness and pushing forward the development of new technology, new industry, new formats and new modes. Last year, it completed the overall planning of the Yanggu Optoelectronic Information Industrial Park.

Yanggu Cable has launched a number of major projects in recent years such as the fiber drawing project, photoelectric composite cable, aluminium alloy energy-saving conductor and photoelectric smart chip. The smart production workshop of environmental protection electric wire, jointly built by Yanggu Cable and Inspur, was listed as one of the first pilot demonstration projects of intelligent manufacturing. Making an order on their phone application, customers can get custom made household electric wires featuring flame retardant and environmental protection. Robot production realizes the efficient interaction between consumer demand and industrial manufacturing, achieving the preliminary transition from traditional production to intelligent manufacturing.

A series of high-end special photoelectric cable products has been independently developed, such as underwater optical cable, optical cable for coal mining, indoor optical cable and photoelectric composite optical cable. Yanggu Cable has realized over 20 technological innovations and gained 107 national patents.

Yanggu Cable is striving to become a conglomerate with a whole product chain of electro-optical transmission, smart chip technology and integration of information system. Some of its major projects were set as examples for the replacement of old growth drivers in both Yanggu county and Liaocheng city.

Liaocheng association of electric wire and cable was set up on June 9, 2017, marking the beginning of a new era for the electric wire and cable industry. The association has a total of 67 members, 45 of them are Yanggu-based.

Cable made in Yanggu can be seen in professional markets in big cities nationwide. For customers, the brand of Yanggu Cable itself is attractive and reliable.

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