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Lunan Pharmaceutical Group takes the lead in green development

2017/9/19 16:48:09

Lunan Pharmaceutical Group has made great efforts to being a model in ecological civilization construction among pharmaceutical enterprises over the past ten years, insisting on the philosophy that “lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets”.

On Sept. 14, Seeking New Development with New Economic Engines, one of special reports of the Open Shandong interview series, arrived at Lunan Pharmaceutical Group in Linyi, east China’s Shandong Province.

Looking back on the last decade, Lunan Pharmaceutical Group opened up a broader way in green and ecological development and a scientific development way coordinating the business development with ecological harmony.

Lunan Pharmaceutical Group attaches great importance on environment development. In 2005, Lunan Pharmaceutical Group established a national-level technology research and development platform of circular economy and a specialized scientific research team of environment protection. Its subsidiary Shandon New Time Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd has established the pollution control and recycling research center, which has yielded more than 30 research results and 15 patents for invention.

When it comes to environment protection, Zhang Guimin, the president and general manager of Lunan Pharmaceutical Group said that the company has been adhering to scientific and coordinated development. “There is no future for a company’s development at the cost of environmental damage. Lucid waters, blue sky and green lands are the basis for the company’s long-term development,” said Zhang, “We must enhance eco-environment construction and curb environment pollution through scientific and technological innovation, marching toward the harmony and sustainable development between human and nature.”

Lunan Pharmaceutical was founded with the spirit of innovation. In recent years, it has been striving to advance the capacity of innovation, reinforce the firm’s advantages, promote the technical innovation on environmental protection and enhance recycling rate to develop circular economy.

In future, Lunan Pharmaceutical Group will stick at the management philosophy that environment protection should go ahead of enterprise development and spare no efforts to shape itself into a model enterprise on environment protection.

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