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Shandong enterprise turns straw into ‘gold’

2017/9/19 15:59:25

Tang Yilin, president of Jinan Shengquan Group Share Holding Co., Ltd introduces its major products made of biomass graphene.

Founded in 1979, Jinan Shengquan Group Share Holding Co., Ltd. (Shengquan) is located in the hometown of Meng Luochuan (a very famous Confucian businessman), Diao town of Zhangqiu district. With a total asset of 6.6 billion yuan, it has grown into an innovative enterprise focusing on the research & development and utilization of all types of plant straw. It is involved in four industries including the high-performance resin and new composite materials, comprehensive health, biomass and bio-pharmaceutical.

Thanks to the great importance it attached to innovation, Shengquan Group leads the world in biomass and biomass new materials industry.

Shengquan has fostered a unique “three-dimensional innovation mode”, an integration of independent innovation, imitative innovation and collaborative innovation, which leads to the generation of a number of new products. After 7 years of  trial and error, Shengquan successfully extracted graphene from corncob stalks.

Graphene, as the thinnest new type nanometer material with high intensity and excellent thermal and electrical performance, is known as “Black Gold” and “King of New Materials”. Scientists even predict that graphene will revolutionize the 21st century and is likely to trigger a disruptive war in new technology and new industry worldwide.

Shengquan initiated to apply graphene in the field of garments. Clothes produced in this way present some new performance such as being infrared resistant, persistent antibacterial, ultraviolet-proof, antistatic, moisture absorbing and permeable.

Cooperated with Heilongjiang Univerisity, Qingdao University and Donghua University, Shengquan successfully composited biomass graphene with a variety of fibers and realized an even dispersion of them, marking the achievement of transformation of biomass graphene and the commercialization of graphene fibre products.

With three major series of new materials, 100 new terminal products, the industrial layout of Shengquan has been improving. Obtaining over 200 patents, Shengquan will generate great impact on industries including fiber, textile and garment, which makes Shengquan a model in the transition from old growth engines to new.

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