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Buddhist culture-themed real scenery show stuns media

2017/9/13 14:55:58

The media delegation of special report on “seek new development with new economic engines” arrived at Xing Long Cultural Park on the afternoon of September 12, 2017.

Xing Long Cultural Park, a national-level 5A scenic area, is a large Buddhist culture-themed park, which combines the function of paying respect to Buddha, praying, culture experience, performance and meditation.

To welcome the media delegation, Buddha Pilgrimages Eastward, a large open-air real scenery show was staged in Xing Long Cultural Park on the night of September 12. Inspired by the inscriptions unearthed in the underground palace of Xing Long Tower in Yanzhou, the show tells a story about how the Buddhist relics were restored in the Tower. The whole performance, consisting of seven music dramas, reproduces the historic feature and local conditions and customs in the Northern Song Dynasty.

The performance was premiered in September 2012 in Yanzhou, Shandong province. Its debut was an outstanding success and won extensive commendation from tourists. Today, the show has become a significant part of the theme park.

The park is divided into two areas, the east area and the west. The east area is China’s first indoor theme park featuring Buddhist culture and interaction and experience. The west area consists of core buildings such as the 118-meter Lingguang Palace, Xinglong Tower and Xinglong Temple, where people can pay respect to Buddha.

Lingguang Palace contains nine storeys and is installed with a multi-function hall, theme culture interpretation hall and worship palace. Magnificent architecture and profound traditional culture enhance each other's beauty.

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