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Innovation boosts e’jiao manufacturing in Shandong

2017/9/13 11:58:38

On the afternoon of September 11, 2017, the media delegation of the special report on “seek new development with new economic engines” arrived at Dong'e Ejiao Co Ltd. Here, they visited China Ejiao Museum and the World of Ejiao and took a close look at the ancient technique of e’jiao-making and the e’jiao health-preservation culture.

The World of Ejiao was designed in accordance with the 5A industrial tourism standard, integrating both Oriental and Western features. Taking health preservation and tourism as the core, the World combines functions including manufacturing and experience and highlights environmental protection, green and recycling. It has grown into China's No. 1 demonstration scenic spot of health preservation and sightseeing.

The construction of the second phase of the World of Ejiao adopts 4D multimedia technology as well as technology used by Disneyland and Hollywood studios, intending to showcase the nearly 3,000-year-long e’jiao culture. The World, together with International Thoroughbred Donkey Breeding Center and Dong’e Ejiao Town, offers tourists an excellent experience site for e’jiao health preservation and sightseeing.

In ancient times, e'jiao, or donkey-hide gelatin, was the royal tribute. The making of e'jiao then underwent 99 procedures over nine days and nights. Today, the manual production has been transformed into mechanized, automated and intelligent manufacturing, which raises the production capacity of gelatin by 40 times. The transition led by Dong'e Ejiao effectively promotes the development of the traditional Chinese medicine industry.

The extraction workshop of donkey skin adopts microcomputer control technology, near infrared online testing and microcomputer control system, realizing online monitoring of 967 links. The system secures that every procedure is accurate and controllable. Quality of products then can be uniform, stable, safe and effective.

Applying new techniques such as endpoint intelligent judgment and intelligent display evaluation, the 842 links in the refining of donkey skin can be controlled and run automatically.

Dong'e Ejiao regards quality as the life of its company. From the inheritance of ancient technique to the introduction of modern technology, the company has found a way with the strategy of success through quality. Today, Dong'e Ejiao has become an industry leader and standard maker of the donkey-hide gelatin industry. Over the past 65 years, the yield of Dong'e Ejiao’s market sampling maintains 100 percent. The quality of its products gains worldwide recognition.

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