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Company in Shandong develops intelligent manufacturing with new energy

2017/9/12 11:46:57

Chinese and foreign media outlets visit Shandong Luneng Intelligence Technology Co., Ltd.

Shandong is currently in the critical period of transition from old economic engines to new. Jinan high-tech zone, as the demonstration area of the transition, gathers a large number of innovation enterprises featuring new technology, new formats and new modes.

Shandong Luneng Intelligence Technology Co., Ltd. (LNINT) is one of them. Founded in 2001, LNINT is a wholly-owned subsidiary of State Grid Shandong Electric Power Company. In 16 years since its establishment, LNINT has always focused on the smart grid and new energy fields, and specialized in the development, design, manufacture, sale, leasing and services of electrical automation systems, electric power robots, EV battery charging and replacing equipment and other high-end intelligent equipment and integrated solutions. For a long time, it has been the leader in the fields of electric powered robot and new energy and has become an industry pioneer in developing new growth drivers.

LNINT has grown into a high-tech enterprise owning 10 development platforms including the National Industrial Design Center, the National Enterprise Technology Center, and the State Grid's Key Laboratory of Electric Power Robot Technologies. Its scope of business covers scientific research and development, technological breakthrough, research and production cooperation, patent protection, and research achievements commercialization.

LNINT has achieved a long-term development in the field of science and technology R&D thanks to its efforts in innovation. It has undertaken 84 scientific and technological R&D projects, including three "National 863 Plan" projects, one international cooperation project from the Ministry of Science and Technology, 46 provincial and ministerial projects (including those from State Grid), and 34 projects from Shandong Electric Power Company, among which 10 projects reached international leading level and 8 projects reached international advanced level.

As the innovation leader in China's electric power robot industry, LNINT continuously strengthens innovation, R&D and manufacturing, and has established six series of robots in over 20 categories, including substation inspection robot, live work robot for overhead transmission line, patrol inspection robot for overhead transmission line, patrol inspection robot for cable tunnel, live work robot for overhead distribution line, and EV battery replacing robot, forming a big "robot family", covering all sectors of power system including power transmission, transformation, distribution, and consumption. As of the end of July 2017, 469 electric power robots developed for the State Grid Shandong Electric Power Company have started "working" in 30 provinces and regions in China, occupying half of the market share in the country.

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