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Development of Jining in full swing

2017/9/8 17:58:10

Jining, located in the southwest of Shandong, China, is one of the key industrial cities of the province. It covers an area of 11,000 square kilometers, with a population of 8.3131 million.

Jining, the birthplace of Confucius and Mencius, the great thinkers and educators well- known in the world, has long been praised as “the Hometown of Confucius and Mencius, the Land of Proprieties” as well as the cradle of Confucianism.

Jining has diverse industries with a solid foundation and continuing restructuring. There are 3,767 large scale enterprises. There are 265 enterprises whose profit and tax exceed 10 million Yuan and 49 enterprises whose profit and tax is over 100 million Yuan. The pillar industries including coal and electric chemical industry, mechanical manufacturing, bio-tech, textile and garments, food and pharmaceutical industry have begun to stabilize and recover. A group of internationally well-known enterprises have started their business in Jining.

Xing Long Cultural Park

Shandong Yanzhou Xing Long Cultural Park, a national-level 5A scenic area, is a large Buddhist culture-themed park, which combines the function of paying respect to Buddha, praying, culture experience, performance and meditation.

The park is divided into two areas. The west area consists of core architecture including the 118-meter Lingguang Palace, Xinglong Tower and Xinglong Temple, where people can pay respect to Buddha. The east area is China’s first indoor theme park featuring Buddhist culture and interaction and experience.

Shandong Intelligent Group

After 20 years development, Shandong Intelligent Group has grown into a high-tech enterprise with informatization as its core industry while giving consideration to diversified development.

Adhering to developing self-owned brand, independent research and self-dependent innovation, Intelligent Group focuses on developing communication, high-performance composite materials, the finance industry, new energy, biotechnology, big data and the Internet of things. It has set up R&D centers in Beijing , Nanjing, the USA and Jining. A comprehensive base has also been established in Jining.

Levima Group

As a member enterprise owned by Legend Holdings, Levima, relying on the over-30 years’ accumulation in culture, mechanism, brand and resources, follows the core value of “Practical Aggressiveness, Innovation Focus and Shared Win-win”, sets innovation as core competitiveness, and focuses on the orientation of new chemical materials, for the purpose of forging the most competitive industrial cluster in the field of new chemical materials.

While developing, Levima encompasses a mutually beneficial strategy with employees, customers, the society and cooperators and to positively bear social responsibility as well as promoting energy conservation and emission reduction through real actions to become an environmental friendly enterprise as an endeavor to mutually build a wonderful life. Legend Holdings deems industrial devotion to the country as its own mission, which is also the way and pursuit of Levima members.

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