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Linyi invests 32 bln to build new highland of international trade

2017/4/27 14:16:50

A delegation of the Media Tour of Major Projects in Shandong arrives at China (Linyi) International Shopping Mall on 27 April of 2017 in Linyi, east China’s Shandong Province. As the journalists got to the construction site of Linyi shopping mall, a bustling scene came into their sight. Vehicles, machines, builders…are shuttling through the construction site and the construction is in full swing.

Linyi International Shopping Mall will be suitable for the market to the countries along the “B&R” Initiative, said Qu Zongkuan, an official of the management committee of the mall. The project for the construction of Linyi International Shopping Mall has raised over 32 bllion yuan in total and covers an area of over 3.4 square kilometers. The mall will be built to be a key widow and platform docking with the “B&R” Initiative and a pilot zone of interactive development of domestic and foreign trade.

Linyi Municipal Government has earmarked 0.1 billion yuan for the development of the mall and 0.5 billion yuan for the development of ecommerce modern logistics industry so as to promote the globalization of Linyi International Shopping Mall. In addition, the foundation of Linyi Trade City Holdings Group Co., Ltd. shapes a balance system of government and market.

As the smooth progresses of works on the construction of e-commerce park, managers of the construction site feel that their work load is getting heavier. The highly centralized builders, machines and materials make the management more complex, changeable and unremitting, said Wu Xiangfei, the vice director of engineering management department. He, together with his 14 colleagues, must check the construction sites every day, including the temporary electricity, safety device, protective measures and the order maintenance.

Besides, to reduce the construction fugitive dust, they have to transfer forty builders to clean the road and sprinkle water in the construction site eight times every day. Their earnest and responsible attitude to work has won high praise of their company and other assistance units. It’s reported the convention and exhibition center of the e-commerce park can be put into use in May. 

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