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Why is Hedong District so enchanting among projects of new growth drivers?

2017/8/29 16:07:21

The renovation project of the area around Linyi North Railway Station and construction project of building landscape city of agriculture, science and technology were settled on August 6 in Hedong District of Linyi, east China’s Shandong Province.

The total investment in the two projects is to be 20 billion yuan, using for developing basic infrastructure, culture, sports, tourism, exploration of hot spring, housing for the aged, enchanting towns featuring sightseeing and agriculture and geographical technology service. Once built, the area will be a new core zone and symbolic area of Hedong District. This marks another breakthrough for Hedong District following the one-off deal on 36 projects valuing 41.37 billion yuan in total on July 25.

Likewise, Hedong delegation got so much from the Linyi (Shanghai) Transition from Old to New Growth Drivers Conference held on July 27. Other over-ten-billion-yuan projects have successfully been contracted yet.

What makes Hedong District so fascinating to those large-scale projects concerning new growth drivers?

“We have been focusing on project of the transition from old to new growth drivers, innovating the modes of investment attraction backed by industrial parks, further promoting the year of deepening up reform and innovation, optimizing the business environment and break the bottlenecks of the project construction so as to achieve the upbeat situation of investment attraction,” Juan Xinyang, secretary of CPC Linyi Hedong District, gave the question a answer.

Industrial parks have been the main battlefield of investment attraction for Hedong District, who has successfully solved the problems on land and capital that restrict the project schedule.

Hedong District has introduced 178 projects in the last seven months of the year, up 83.5 percent year on year. Money in place has totaled 7738 million yuan, with a 32.55 percent year-on-year increase.

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