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Yantai vows new era of wine-based leisure tourism

2016/9/6 16:15:34

  Yantai has forged its own brands in leisure and sightseeing tourism across China and achieved a win-win development of primary, secondary and tertiary industries, with the integration of picking, production and cultural experience of wine.

  Located at the amazing 37 degrees north latitude, Yantai is one of the world’s top seven coasts for vine growth and the only international vine & wine city in Asia. As the cradle and biggest manufacturing base of wine industry in China, Yantai has made its leisure travel a shining light in China’s wine industry through years of transformation and upgrading.

  Three scenic spots, including Changyu Wine Culture Museum, Window of Changyu International Wine City and Chateau Junding, achieved a revenue of 60.69 million yuan receiving over 0.5 million visitors in total in 2015. Meanwhile, a group of new wine-based tourist attractions are emerging.

  All the progress cannot be made without the big push of local government.

  Yantai is selected into the first group of 33 cities building the national demonstration destinations for holistic tourism this year and attaches great importance to the wine-based travel in the holistic tourism destinations development.

  Yantai government proposed that more than 100 wineries with regional characteristics will be constructed by 2020. Yantai is looking at the development of wine-based rural tourism system.

  As a composite industry of effective agriculture, green industry, characteristic tourism and culture industry, wine in Yantai focuses on not only the wine itself but also a whole industry chain from land to table.

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