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  Sister cities introducation

  Gwangmyeong City

  Gwangmyeong Cityis located at the southwest of Gyeonggido ,Republic of Korea closeing by Seoulwith total area of 38.5 square meters and the population of 340 thousand.There are 18 administrative districts ("dongs" in Korean) in Gwangmyeong.The city is located in low altitude area with prominent geographical environment and advanced agiculture.The city gives priority to developing mechanical processing and manufacture industry.In recent years, through cultivating vibrant local industries, the city has gradually developed into a high-tech industrial city and playign a positive role for industry development of the Capital area.Especially with the completion of the Korean subway line 7 and the opening of Gwangmyeong Station of KTX as well as the convenient traffic network including the railway of No.2 airport, expressway of circle city of in the south of river, Xianshan line light rail and Licuan line light rail in the south,ect., Gwangmyeong has been the largest traffic and logistic center with great potential in the Capital area.

  Uiryeong County

  Uiryeong County is located in the northwest of Gyeongsangnam-do of with 35 thousand persons of there are farmers of 19886.The city is also located in the interior of the country. The city has widely_distributed basins in the mountains with beautiful scenic spots, fertile soil and advanced agricultural producing conditions.At present, the proportion of the primary, secondary and tertiary industries is 74%,6% and 20% respectively with 4 industrial parks.

  Blacktown of Australia

  Blacktown city is under the jurisdiction of of NewSouth Wales State of Australia, with the population of 270 thousand persons and area of 247 square kilometers,located in the west of Sydney, about 40 kilometers away from downtown, with advanced economy for the pulling function of Metropolis ranking the third in economy in Australiapromoting economic growth, the metropolis is developed in Australia behind Sydney and Melbourne.The city has developed traffic and the two railways meetin the location of municipality with 1030 kilometers highways of which there are 100 kilometers main highways.The city has developed economy, including advanced agriculture, animal husbandry and 12 industrial production places with 12.3 square kilometers of industrial areas engaging in the food processing industry, wood processing and chemical industry,etc.Business is developed with the area of 3.6 square meters commercial areas and more than 70 shopping centers.The city has advanced and complete education system.There is a university ,that is West Sydney University and 3 vocational and technical colleges and 100 middle and primaryschools, as well as many nurseries and kindergartens.The city has extensive exchanges and cooperation in education with the rest of the world.


  Offenbach region is located in the center of Hessin State of Germany and Offenbach administrative area is located on the southeast bank of Meine river of Germany facing Frankfurt across the river, playing the role of "satellite city" of Frankfurt.Offenbach has an area of 747 square kilometers and13 cities and population of 400 thousand persons.The region has wide industrial areas and modern commercial areas with pillar industies such as building materials, chemical, electronic, mechanical processing and medical equipment, etc.Offenbach was well known in the world for its leather manufacturing, and now still gives priority to leather and printing.Every year several global leather products exhibition are held here, and there are museums of leather and shoes-making.The whole city is surrounded by forest and large woods areas with beautiful natural environment and advanced tourism.Moreover,the headquarter of German Federal meteorological Office is located here.Offenbach's history was recorded in A.D.977.

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