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  Economic conditions.


  The review] the national economy maintained rapid and healthy development of comprehensive strength reaches a new stage.After preliminary statistics, the gross domestic product (GDP)in 2009 amounts to 137.592 billion yuan, an increase of 13.2% than last year according to the comparable price.Of which the added value of the primary industry amounts to 19.863 billion yuan, up by 4% and the added value of the second industry amounts to 80.845 billion yuan, up by 15.4% as well as the third industry added value of 36.884 billion yuan,up by 12.9%.The per capita GDP growth of the city amounts to 24613 yuan, up by 12.5%.High-tech industry are expanding constantly.In 2009, the industrial enterprises above designated size finished 8.527 billion yuan of hi-tech industrial output, with the growth of 14.8% than last year accounting for 26.6% of total output of , industrial enterprises above designated size, increasing 2.15 percentage points than last year.The attracting investments work success.In 2009 utilization of foreign capital of contracts amounts to 166.96 million US dallors up by 5.5% than last year with actually utilized foreign capital of 90.76 million US dollars.The main difficulties and problems in the economic and social development include: the farmer's income increase slowly, "agriculture,rural areas and farmers " questions still is the weakest link in the economic and social development,economic structure contradiction is outstanding, the proportion of the first industry is still too high, the third industry development lags behind, extroverted degree of economy is low, the development of social undertakings lags far behind, social security capability is not strong, pressure of employment and reemployment is relatively high.


  The agricultural production steadily develops and the adjustment of industrial structure makes a positive result. In 2009, Liaocheng abtains an output value of 36.216 billion yuan in agriculture,forest,animal husbandry and fishery.The output value of industries as follows, 26.065 billion yuan of agriculture,166 million yuan of forest, 9.056 billion yuan of husbandry and 399 million yuan of fishery.In 2009 grain sowing areas amount to 720.8 thousand hectares with cotton planting area of 73.4 thousand hectares as well as melon and vegetable planting area of 189.2 thousand hectares.There is 4.6882 million tonnes of total grain output, a year-on-year increased by 1.9% and total cotton output of 95.7 thousand tons declined by 1.7% as well as 165.8 thousand tons of oil crops output, increased by 0.4% and vegetables and melons output of 10.0037 million tons down by 1.7%.Liaocheng has a rapid growth of forestry production.In 2009 annual forest planting areas amount to 6830 hectares and 2312 hectares of culturing seedlings as well as 12.07 million planting trees.Main livestock products production sees a stable growth.The delivery of pork and poultry amounts to 2.2473 million and 143 million respectively as well as total meat output of 468.2 thousand tons, total egg output of 255.8 thousand tons and total milk output of 73.4 thousand tons respectively.Output of aquatic products improves stably.The city total output of aquatic products amount to 66.6 thousand tons in 2009.Rural infrastructure and agricultural production conditions have been improved and the degree of mechanization has been further enhanced.At the end of the year, the total power of agricultural machinery amounts to 10.1027 billion kilowatts with total annual electricity used in rural areas of 1.253 billion kilowatt-hours.By the end of 2009 the city has cultivated areas of 567.3 thousand hectares, of which efficient irrigation areas amount to 490.2 thousand hectares.


  There is a rapid growth in industrial production.In 2009, the added value of all industrial enterprises abtains 348.132 billion yuan with the added value of 320.827 billion yuan completed by above designated size industries,that is,allstate-owned and annual sales income of above 5 million yuan of non-state-owned industrial enterprises, similarly hereinafter) Industrial economic benefit increased significantly.In 2009, the industrial enterprises above designated size achieved sales income of 318.379 billion yuan, a year-on-year growth by 18.3%, and realized tax of 30.569 billion yuan, up by 23.4% and profit of 20.496 billion yuan up by 26.9%.Construction production has a stable growth.In 2009 all of output of construction industry amounted to 6.808 billion yuan.10.53 million square meters of the areas of housing construction have been completed.3.8574 million square meters of housing areas have been completed.

  Telecommunications and Posts

  The traffic post] traffic facilities have been improved and , comprehensive transportation ability also has been enhanced.As of 2007, the length of highways on operation reaches 13480 kilometers with 154.7 square kilometers of highway density per square kilometer of which experssways amount to 134.7 kilometers and 318.1 kilometers of first level highway and 1180 kilometer of secondary level highways.Relying on the high standard main roads, half hour economy and life circle has been set up taking Liacheng as the center,connecting all counties and radiating the surrounding areas.At the same time, tar roads and bus have been covered to every administrative villages basically.During the time of 11th five-year plan and later ,the traffic concentrating and distributing capacity and geographical advantages will be further intensified as the highways begin to develop such as Linqing-Gaotang highway, Dezhou-Fanxian highway, Taian-Liaocheng expressway and Jinan-Liaocheng first level highway.Liaocheng saw rapid development of postal and telecommunication services.In 2009,the business revenue of fixed telecom completed 1.873 billion yuan, a year-on-year growth of 5.2%.The postal completes the business volumn of 417.28 million yuan, up by 11.5%.

  Commerce and business

  The market of the domestic and world consumer goods are booming.The prominent environment of economic development and industrial development base attract almost one thousand foreign-capital projects to invest in Liaocheng.The domestic and world famous groups such as Korea Cj Group, Zhejiang Rifa Group, Spanish Eyecue Company and Huarun (Hongkong) Group invest here.

  Urban Construction

  Liaocheng city] Liaocheng puts forward the development strategy of beautifying the city through city construction,and draws up the constrution development plan of two cities and a river, encourages participating in the developing and protecting of the ancient city area and constrution of new city in Liaocheng Development Zone as well as construction of two sides of Tuhai river to improve the grade and competitiveness of the Water City in the north of Yangze River.The development of public utilities improves the city’s working and living environment.Talking the city water supply, in 2008, the supply water capacity reaches 665.2 thousand tons per day and viewing the urban energy supply, in 2008 the volumn of power generation reaches 24.662 billion kilowatt-hours.Moreover, Urban fuel structures have changed greatly and urban gas popularization rate has reached 90.5% by the end of 2008.Central heating-supply has gradually replaced the scattered small boilers and stoves,saving energy and improving environment.By the end of 2008, the central heating-supply areas have reached 18.54 million square meters in urban area of which the residential heating areas cover 14.89 million square meters.Talking public traffic of the city, by the end of 2008, the urban roads have reached to 1750.60 kilometers, total area of 39.67 million square meters owning 1281 buses.


  The tourism industry continuously shows vitality.Liaocheng abtains the tourist numbers of 7.3614 million at home and abroad all the year around of which there are 25756 overseas tourists up by 32.8% and 7.3357 million domestic tourists at home increased by 14%.The tourist foreign exchange income reaches to 11.2760 million US dollars, increased by 31.2% and domestic tourism revenue amounts to 4.019 billion yuan with a growth of 185%.

  Cultural undertakings

  Science and technology

  Liaocheng attached importance to the science and technology science research and education undertakings after the foundation of new China. After the reform and opening, liaocheng centering on guiding ideology of science and technology is the first productive force", science and technology research have been booming.The strategy of science and education reviving Liaocheng has been implemented to make the science and technology teams stronger and stronger and have made fruitful achievements.In 2008, Liaocheng owned 1235 applications for patent of which includes 274 patents of invention with 872 warrant quantity of which includes 64 warrant quantity of patents of invention.In 2008, the patent filings 1235, invention patent 274.The personnel engaging in science and technology amounts to 132.7 thousand in Liaocheng with 1.804 billion yuan of internal expenditure of R&D.The science progress has made obvious contribution to the growth of economy playing an important role of science and technology as the primary productive force.


  After sixty years’s development of education undertakings,Liaocheng has formed complete educational system coordinating with economic construction and social development,focusing on the people-oriented scientific development outlook,intensifying the talent cultivation and making greater achievements in popularization of compulsory education.

  By the end of 2008, the city has two colleges, 213 middle schools, 811 primary schools, 8 special education schools and 392 kindergartens. The enrollment amounts to 794.5 thousand students.

  The enrollment of Liaocheng university and Liaocheng Vocational Technology College as well as all kinds of secondary vocational schools amounts to 100 thousand students.

  Culture and Art

  The cultural art " Culture and radio and television broadcasting undertakings are flourishing.By the end of 2008, the city has 170 cultural institutions and 281 performers in performing arts groups,6 theaters, 8 public libaries, 3 museums, 37 publishing as well as 45 magazines and papers.Radio and television industry have been improved with 100 % coverage of radio and television population.


  The health] medical and health care saw all-round development, by the end of 2008, there are 334 comprehensive hospitals, special hospitals, nursing homes, health centers and health care stations with 12.8 thousand beds,18.9 thousand seeks etc medical organization repid, hospital beds 1.28 Professional and technical personnel as well as 11 doctors per ten thousand people.Liaocheng has formed a supporting net including city-level,county-level and town-level medical and health institutions featuring complete Several Liaocheng has formed subject is complete subjects,advanced medical equipment and strong technical force.


  The sports places are increasing with complete functional facilities gradually.Liaocheng Stadium was built according to technical standard requirements of State General Administration of Sports holding over 5000 persons taking all kinds of large-scale matches,especially sucessfully holding the basketball matches of 11th National Sports Games.The professional athletes’ level improving steadily, mass sports activities greatly popularized, Liaocheng holds tens of large-scale sports games every year of which dragon boat race and boxing match have already formed the sports brands of water city.At present, there are 12 folk sports communities registered in Civil Affairs Bureau of Liaocheng, giving full play to their own roles and making a great contribution to mass sports.

  According to statistics, the people often exercising have accounted for 38 percent of the total population of Liaocheng forming a trend of massive sport exercises.


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