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  Economic Strength

  In 2009 GDP of Yantai reached 370.18 billion Yuan, up by 13.5% compared to that of last year. GDP per capita amounted to 53,066 Yuan, which is equivalent to 7768 USD according to the current interest rate.

  Industrial Structure

  In 2009 the added value of the first, second and tertiary industries totaled 28.59 billion Yuan, 225.52 billion Yuan and 118.76 billion Yuan respectively, accounting for 7.7%, 60.2% and 32.1%. The output of hi-tech industries increased by 15.9% reaching 377.11 billion Yuan, which accounted for 42% of the total output of industries above designated scale and grew by 2.6% over the beginning of the year.

  Fiscal Revenue

  In 2009, the national and land tax income of Yantai was 41.42 billion yuan, up by 18.8%, accounting for 11.1% of GDP. The tax income of the 2nd and 3rd industries respectively account for 71.6% and 28.3%. The local fiscal revenue reached 18.91 billion yuan, up by 13.8%, accounting for 5.1% of the GDP. The tax income reached 15.2 billion yuan, accounting for 80.4% of the local fiscal revenue. The fiscal expenditure of 2009 was 24.8 billion Yuan, up by 18.5%.

  By the end of 2009 there are 3746 enterprises above designated scale in Yantai, among which there are 371 large and medium size enterprises. The added value of industries above designated scale reached 230.11 billion Yuan, main business income 899.02 billion Yuan, tax payment 81.45 billion Yuan and profit 61.92 billion Yuan, grown by 16.1%, 24.5%, 15.4% and 16.5% respectively. These above four indexes ranked the 2nd, 2nd, 2nd and 1st place in Shandong Province. The comprehensive index of industrial economic benefit reached 329.76%, a year on year increase of 18.41%.

  Structure of Industry

  By implementing the restructure and rejuvenation plan on eight industries namely automobile, electronic information, gold, light industry and food, shipbuilding, equipment manufacture, chemical &pharmaceutical and textile, the industries with advantages and features such as automobile, computer, mobile phone, winery and gold have taken into shape. The total output of automobile, microcomputer, mobile phones, wine, and gold respectively reached 172,000, 3.68million, 25.389million, 252,000 kiloliters and 3.21million liang. The emerging industries such as nuclear power equipment manufacture, modern chemical, new type metallurgy, biology and pharmaceutical are gaining momentum.

  Pillar Enterprises

  By the end of 2009, there are 108 enterprises with the profit of over 1 billion Yuan, 8 enterprises over 10billion Yuan. There are 110 enterprises with the tax of over 100 million Yuan, 8 enterprises over 1billion Yuan. The main business profits of Hongfutai Precision Electronic, Nanshan Group Corp and Shandong Gold-Mining Co., Ltd respectively added up to 79.5 billion Yuan, 33.3 billion Yuan and 22.7 billion Yuan.

  Brand Strategy

  In 2009, 9 trademarks from Yantai are accredited as China famous brand, 53 trademarks as famous brand in Shandong Province, which makes Yantai enjoy a total of 32 China famous brands and 247 famous brands in Shandong Province. There are 28 China famous brand products and 184 Shandong famous brand products, in which 31 products were newly put into the list.

  Foreign Trade

  Yantai is one of the 14 coastal cities opening up to the outside world in the first batch. In 2009, the import &export volume summed up to $34.3 billion, and decrease of 2.1%, among which the export volume was $19.8 billion, down by 3.9% year on year. The export proportion of electrical & mechanical products and high and new technology products respectively accounted for 71.3% and 41.6% of the whole export volume. There are 12 enterprises in Yantai with the export volume of over $100million, among which, Hongfujin Precision electronic (Yantai) Co. Ltd, Hongfutai Precision electronic (Yantai) Co. Ltd, Langchao LG Digital Mobile Communications Co. Ltd ranked the first 3 places among the 100 strongest enterprises in Shangdong Province in terms of foreign trade. The largest three foreign trade partners of Yantai are namely South Korea, USA and Japan, among which, the volume of export and import with South Korea was $4.46 billion, USA $5.04 billion and $950 million, Japan $3.18 billion and $2.1 billion.

  Utilization of Foreign Investment

  In 2009, the newly registered foreign capital of Yantai stood at $ 1.72billion an increase of $2.8% year on year. The paid-in foreign capital reached $ 1.09 billion, up by 2.6%. By the end of 2009, the accumulative foreign investment projects amounted to 12,148, with an accumulative paid-in capital of $ 20.83 billion contributed by more than 70 world top- 500 enterprises. The first 3 countries and regions in terms of accumulative paid-in foreign capital in Yantai are Hongkong, South Korea and Japan, whose investment volume are $5.13 billion, &4.5 billion and $1.43 billion, respectively accounting for 29.5%, 25.9% and 8.2% of the total foreign investment of Yantai.

  Foreign Cooperation

  The total contractual amount of outsourcing project in 2009 reached up to $1300 million, an increase of 5.8%. The turnover is $195 million, growing by 6.7%. The amount of overseas labor service stood at 2,492 person time. By the end of 2009, there were 6,268 persons sent out by Yantai working abroad. To date, Yantai has established sister-city or friendly cooperative city ties with 18cities in 11countries.

  Industrial Park Construction

  There are 5 state-level Zones and 12 provincial level parks. In 2009, the export volume of the industrial parks above provincial level and the paid-in foreign capitals respectively amounted to $16.85 billion and $880 million, accounting for 85% and 80.7% of the total volume of Yantai.

  Institutional Reform

  The enterprises restructure at the level of city, county-level city, town and village has been completed on the whole. By the end of 2009, 17 municipal supervised enterprises fulfilled their contribution obligations, contributing with a total asset volume of 59.61 billion Yuan, among which the state owned rights and interests account for 16.09 billion Yuan. In 2009, the rate of keeping value and adding value of the state owned assets of Yantai reaches at 103%. There are totally 23 enterprises of Yantai going public at home and abroad, with 24 stocks and accumulative financing volume of 20.45 billion Yuan. To date, a total land area of 389,000 mu has transferred its contract and management right, with a land transferring rate of 6.7%. All kinds of reforms of the fields like fiscal revenue and finance, the regime of administrative approval, civil public utility, cultural as well as medicine and public health system have been advanced steadily

  Private Economy

  In 2009, the private enterprises generated added value of 301.1billion Yuan, tax of 25.1billion Yuan, increasing by 14.5% and 15.2% respectively. The added value of private enterprises accounted for 80.7%of the GDP of Yantai and the tax accounted for 60.6% of the national and local tax income of Yantai. In 2009 the newly registered individual businesses summed up to 29,387, the newly registered private enterprises reached into 7,520, with newly increased registered capital of private enterprises of 11.5 billion Yuan. The number of individual business and private enterprise respectively stood at 175,407 and 51,943. 2.21million employee worked in private enterprises.


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