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The beautiful scenery of Baodugu in Zaozhuang

2014/2/20 16:28:02

The beautiful scenery of Baodugu (Photo/Hou Heliang)

The beautiful scenery of Baodugu (Photo/Hou Heliang)

The beautiful scenery of Baodugu (Photo/Hou Heliang)

  Baodugu National Forest Park, located in Shanting District, Zaozhuang of Shandong Province, is a fairyland with ancient caves and towering mountains. It is known in history as the "Small Mount Tai in south Shandong". In the Han Dynasty, Baodugu was called Mountain Lou, Mountain Xiantai during the period of Kingdom of Wei and Mountain Jun in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. According to the Chorography of Yi County, in ancient times, an old farmer surnamed Wang did farming work with a calf in his arms in the mountain, after his death the mountain was called Baodugu.

  The flat-roofed peak of Baodugu, like an upside-down cup, is famous for its grandness, steepness, dangerousness and elegance. It is an earthly paradise with Taoist abbeys and Buddhist temples built down the hillside. In legend it is known as one of the thirty-six places where immortals live.

  Endless miles of mountains stretch in the park. With numerous peaks, they form a natural barrier from the east to the west. The park covers an area of 130 square kilometers. With favorable climate and an abundant natural oxygen source, it has become a distinguished scenic spot in south Shandong. It is also a large-scale recreation venue integrating leisure, fishing and recuperation.

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