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Hazy days inspire mask fashion

2013/1/31 14:35:14

  In these hazy days, it's out with Gangnam style and in with mask style. The various cotton, gauze masks decorated with cartoons or different designs has brought some color to the smoggy city.

  For celebrities, the masks have become a good way to hide from the scrutinizing cameras of paparazzi. But if that's not chic enough for you, how about covering your face with a silk scarf. Fashion icons Lady Gaga and Rihanna have shown us that you can protect yourself against hazardous air while staying elegant and mysterious.

  On the streets here, people have come up with their own interpretations of the mask fashion trend, making it an important part of a person's total outfit. And while this mask fever has inspired fashion designers, the main concern of ordinary consumers is just to breath a little easier.

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