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Qingdao develops marine energy

2013/1/30 16:39:58

  The city of Qingdao took the lead in marine energy development and utilization projects across China last year.

  A pilot project featuring 150,000-kilowatt thermo-electric generation equipment, developed by the First Marine Institute of State Oceanic Administration, passed acceptance testing in Qingdao on August 28, 2012. China has become the third country to grasp the technology on its own after the US and Japan.

  A demonstration project of the 500-kilowatt ocean power generation system began its initial construction in Qingdao on November 17, 2012. The gross installed capacity of the multisource power generation system is 500 kw, of which pure ocean power accounts for 60 percent. Zhaitang Island, under Qingdao administration, will become the first island in northern China to use ocean power after the project is completed.

  The Qingdao government has issued a series of supportive policies to promote the combination of production, teaching and research of ocean power utilization. “Ocean power development possesses great prospects and we researchers shoulder heavy responsibilities,” said Liu Weimin, the leading scientist of the 150,000-kilowatt thermo-electric generation equipment.

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