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  • The words that mark a year of progress for China

    Last year was a highly significant one for the nation, best summed up through key phrases and words that capture its development, significant events and selfless acts. ...[More]

    2013-02-16 09:32:57Share
  • New Year paintings revive memories of the past

    New Year paintings were once a must to decorate Chinese homes during Spring Festival. But the practice is vanishing as modern lifestyles catch on. Gone is the custom but not yet the art, as the National Library in Beijing opens an exhibition of these traditional paintings. ...[More]

    2013-02-05 14:10:36Share
  • Qingdao issues blue book on cultural industry

    A new blue book entitled “Qingdao Cultural Innovation Industry Development Report in 2012” was issued at the Qingdao International News Center, according to a relevant news briefing on January 28. ...[More]

    2013-02-05 14:00:00Share
  • Festive mood spreads across China

     We're just days away from Chinese lunar New Year and the spring festival atmosphere, or what is called "Nianwei" in Chinese - the festival taste - is getting stronger. As the old saying goes, every ten miles is a different custom. But it's all in the festive spirit. ...[More]

    2013-02-04 17:02:49Share
  • Magnificent epic opera to be staged in Qingdao

     A magnificent epic opera named “The King of Qi, Tian Heng” will debut on the stage of Qingdao People’s Hall on January 24. ...[More]

    2013-01-30 16:38:26Share
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