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  • Red Island Economic Zone breaks ground

     The city of Qingdao will accelerate the installation of taxi service information administration systems to realize better administrative management of the taxi system this year, according to the city’s Municipal Traffic and Transportation Committee. ...[More]

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  • KZ manufacturing base settles in Tai'an

    Shandong Shan Yete Recreational Vehicle Manufacturing Co signed a cooperative contract with KZ Recreational Vehicles, a United States recreational vehicle manufacturer, in Tai'an on Jan 28 to become KZ’s manufacturing base in the Asia-Pacific region. ...[More]

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  • Catering industry faces slow growth this year

     A chef displays vegetables at a banquet room during a local government meeting in Jinan, Shandong province. Serving vegetables rather than expensive luxury dishes are part of government measures to reduce extravagance....[More]

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