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  • Yantai

    Located in the east part of Shandong Peninsula, bordering the Yellow Sea and Bohai Sea, Yantai overlooks Japan, North Korea and South Korea across the sea. Encompassed by seas and mountains, Yantai has a picturesque scenery and four distinctive seasons. The broad golden beach, fantastic big and small islands, famous Penglai Pavi......[More]

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  • Dongying

    Dongying is situated in the center of the Yellow River Delta. Established in 1983, Dongying exercises jurisdiction over two districts - Dongying District and Hekou District, and three counties - Guangrao, Kenli and Lijin. The city covers an area of 8053 square km, and is home to 1.85 million people. It borders Bohai Sea on the e......[More]

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  • Zaozhuang

    Established in 1961, Zaozhuang was one of four cities under the direct administration of Shandong Provincial Government. Under her administration, there are five districts and one county-level city, such as Shizhong District, Xuecheng District, Shanting District, Yicheng District and Tengzhou City, covering an area of 4,563 squa......[More]

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  • Zibo

    Zibo is located in the middle of Shandong Province, at 117°32′~118°31′ E and 35°56′~37°18′ N, bordering Weifang on the east, Yimeng Mountains on the south, Jinan(the capital of Shandong Province)on the west, North China Plain on the north. It has a geographical feature of north-south strip, and the largest distance from north to......[More]

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  • Qingdao

     Qingdao is a major coastal city in east China, an economic center in China, one of China’s first coastal open cities, a specifically designated city and sub-provincial level city in the state plan, and a marine research center. ...[More]

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  • Jinan

    Situated at 36º40'N and 117º00'E, Jinan is near Mount Tai to the south and neighbors the Yellow River on the north, and the terrain of Jinan slopes down from south to north. There are two major water systems in Jinan: the Yellow River and the Xiaoqing River. Jinan is influenced by the warm temperate zone with a continental monso......[More]

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